Press Release


We sponsored the graduation ceremony of 3000 young engineers in Alexandria.

As part of Intercement marketing strategy in Egypt to build sustainable partnerships, not only with current consumers and influencers but also with future ones, on Oct 14th, we sponsored the graduation ceremony of the faculty of engineering Alexandria university.

 Our aim was to foster our brand image and establish the emotional bond with the engineers of the future by sharing the good memories and helping them enjoy their special moment.

 The event was decorated to create a fun and contemporary atmosphere that goes with the youthful spirit of celebration. Graduates were enjoying and taking fun photos at our photobooth were they could down them from our Facebook page.

 Also, we presented certificates of appreciation and medals to the top ranking graduates in all the faculty majors.

 This event is part of the protocol signed between Amereyah Cement and the faculty of engineering in Alexandria, with the purpose of linking Academia to Industrial institutions, which encompasses cooperation  in several areas including educational, research, and students internship.



Day Of Doing Good 2016

Amreyah Cement Co overhauls educational programs for the special needs  

Amreyah Cement Company’s Managing Director – Mr. Salim Abdul-Kader and Mr. Paulo Dall Aqua the Admin & Legal Affairs Director – inaugurated four educational institutions for the special needs. The referred institutions were renovated on the expense of the Company during 2016


 Amreyah Cement Co, a member of InterCement, contributed to developing and improving 4 Educational Institutions including (El Nour Girls School for Special Needs in Moharam Bech, two nurseries in Borg El Arab area in west of Alexandria, one of the nurseries is for the special needs, in addition to Doors of Light Orphanage in Borg El Arab City).

Mr. Abdul-kader – The Managing Director of Amreyah confirmed that the Company sets rules and criteria for selecting developmental projects which are funded by the Company or which the Company contributes to improving them.

Mr. Paulo Dall Aqua – The Admin & Legal Affairs Director indicated that Amreyah Cement Company’s Social Responsibility Team visits the surrounding communities such as old Borg El Arab city, Bahij and Al Bangr villages, etc.  After making a deep assessment for the community by the team, a certain number of institutions are selected to be developed over the year according to the relevant number of beneficiaries, how close those communities are to the plant and the budget required for each project.

Mr. Dall Aqua added that the projects are referred to the Top Management after they may have been selected, and when the approval is acquired, the social responsibility team begins to take necessary renovation actions. He indicated that the renovation work at those institutions takes place during the annual “Day of Doing Good” organized by the Company, which began to be enforced in 2013.

This year the Day of Doing Good took place on September 24th, and pulled together 500 volunteers, from Amreyah employees, employees families, clients and suppliers that worked hand in hand benefiting 900 beneficiaries. 

Mr. Abdul Kadir – the Managing Director believes that Amreyah Cement Co’s venture to improve some educational projects for the special needs in several education phases, and in many areas in Alexandria is within the scope of the social responsibility activity which the Company wants to enforce.

The Company is now encouraging the clients, personnel and suppliers to join in the social responsibility activities which are carried out by Amreyah Cement Co; since the Company encourages all the clients and suppliers so that they may have their own day of doing good. Our dream is to have 365 days of doing good not only one day.