Standpoint & Code of Conduct

InterCement adopts an ethical, transparent and respectful attitude towards peers, as well as in its dealings with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders, based on the principles of its Corporate Code of Conduct.

Business Relationships

In all its business with partners, InterCement places emphasis on technical and financial quality,reliability,positive cost-benefit ratio and integrity in negotiations in relation to legislation, environmental, commercial, social and contractual rights.

Ethical Line

Direct, independent and confidential communication channel to handle complaints, comments, suggestions and denouncements in relation to the Code of Conduct, managed by an external consultancy firm.


The ethical line is available for

InterCement´s associates and stakeholders.  



Country Telephone Web Channel Email Address
Argentina 0800 345 3144 N/A
Brazil 0800 941 9568 N/A
Egypt 0800 000 0671 PO Box 51006 Musgrave, 4502 Durban, South Africa
Mozambique 800 200 500
277 9512 9361 (WhatsApp)
PO Box 51006 Musgrave, 4062 Durban, South Africa
South Africa 0800 982 099 PO Box 51006 Musgrave, 4062 Durban, South Africa

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